Getting Fit Together!

Simply Fit

Metabolic Challenge

This is a high-intensity strength and endurance class that is designed to help you to push yourself to your limits and beyond!

There's Something for Everyone!


This is a cardio class for the kids! It is the same Latin dance party as Zumba, but with a little less spice to keep the kids moving!

Boot Camp / HIIT

Our seasoned Marine Corp fitness instructor integrates fundamental Marine Corps exercises with explosive functional weight-based exercises using sandbags, tires, ropes and other items for an awesome, full-body strength and cardio workout that is sure to challenge everyone!


Hook, jab and kick as you knock-out those extra pounds in this cardio class complete with punching bags!


A serious full body workout using only your body weight. Zen combines Pilates, Tia Chi and yoga for a challenging hour of core strengthening and body toning fun.



A spicy Latin-based dance and aerobic workout that feels more like a party than an exercise class! Your one hour of cardio exercise will fly by as you lose yourself in the latin rhythms. Don't worry if you can't dance, everyone can Zumba!


High Energy Aerobic Training (HEAT) is a circuit-training based, full-body strengthening and toning, group exercise class that will push you to your limits!

Butt and Gut

In this class you'll blast away to strengthen, lift and tone in all the right places! Come and feel the burn!