Getting Fit Together!

Simply Fit

Personal Training 

Simply Fit has proven personal trainers with years of experience in helping clients to set and achieve their fitness goals!  Our trainers have trained local Biggest Loser winners, people preparing for U.S. Armed Forces basic training, and people looking to slim down and tone up!  All have seen tremendous results because of their dedication and our trainer's guidance and motivation! Hundreds of pounds have been lost under these trainers! 


Simply Fit has a smoothie bar where after an intense workout, you can order up a refreshing recovery smoothie! Some of our Fitness Family members use our super-satisfying protein smoothies as meal replacements to help them to achieve their fitness goals!  

Simply Fit has a lot to offer our fitness family!

Group Fitness Classes

Simply Fit has all of the most popular group fitness classes including Zumba, Boot camp, Spin, and more, all taught by qualified fitness instructors!  Every class is a different challenge! (See our "Classes" tab for more details.)

Zumba Apparel

Tired of ordering your Zumba apparel online, and waiting for them to arrive only to find that they don't fit?  Frustrating!  Well, Simply Fit has an excellent selection of Zumba apparel that you can try on and wear immediately!  Come on in and check out the selection of tops, pants, shoes, bags and more!  

Fruit and Veggie Juices

This year, Simply Fit is adding delicious fruit and vegetable juice drinks made before your eyes! These drinks are packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients that, combined with hard work, will help you to surpass your fitness goals in no time!

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